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Why Should You Hire An Interior Designer?

In a world where everyone has access to HGTV and DIY videos galore, we often get asked what makes our services worthwhile. The answer is pretty simple. The costs you will incur from having us involved will seem more than worthwhile after construction is complete. Design firms should be able to help guide you through the process and manage quality control, maximize your budget and prevent you from spending good money after bad in the long run.

Many people are intimidated by the idea of hiring a professional design firm. The costs and process of opening your home to someone may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. All skilled, experienced design firms will make the client feel comfortable and ask questions that will allow them to get the best idea of the client’s personal style and how they like to live in their spaces to give you the most beautiful, comfortable and most importantly, functional finished product. Here are the main reasons why hiring a design firm is beneficial to you:

  1. Avoid spending good money after bad: Beautiful and functional spaces are not accidents. They are carefully planned for in software using room dimensions and then in person space is measured and re-measured. No large purchases are made without making sure every piece is to scale and fits appropriately in the room. That impulse buy piece that you had to have that arrives too big or too small? Design firms work diligently to carefully assess the needs and space in each room before making any selections. In the end time and money is saved through proper planning in both construction and furnishings. Things that are often overlooked by builders such as outlet placement or tile layout can be planned in advance to save time and money.

  2. Save Time: Simply said, someone else is doing the leg work for you. We will select and build mood boards and furniture layouts for your approval. All the client has to do is give feedback until we find the right look, and give deposit approval to proceed. From that point on, we handle everything from ordering to tracking to installation.

  3. We speak the Language: New builds and remodels can be extremely stressful for the homeowner. It can be overwhelming to think of the sheer number of selections that will be need to be made. Your designer is a well qualified liaison. We have schedules that guide us so nothing is forgotten. We also speak the language and act as a liaison between the project manager and the client. Management of the project is in any good designer’s wheelhouse.

  4. Access to the best: Everyone knows that there is a shortage of skilled laborers in today’s construction landscape. Designers already have excellent relationships with the best builders, tradespeople and subs in the area as well as access to the best high quality furnishings and fabrics that are often only available to the trade. With these resources at our fingertips, we have all the tools to make your home spectacular which leads to our last point:

  5. The finished product: This is of course the main reason you should hire a design firm- the gorgeous finished product. When your design team is done, your home will be a beautiful, layered, functional and calming turnkey space. All you will need to bring is a toothbrush!



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