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What's Lisa Listening To? My Fave Podcasts For Business & Life

As busy moms and business owners, we don’t have a lot of downtime. We spend 60% of the time in the car between design site visits and being the after-school taxi to soccer, dance, debate - whatever direction our kids are pulling us in at the moment.

You may be new here, so let me tell you that between Heather and I, we have seven kids, four dogs, 2 houses, 5 employees, and one office to worry about, so finding time for expanding our intellectual horizons becomes tricky sometimes!

We love to pass the idle time driving or traveling with Podcasts. They’re a super-efficient way to teach yourself something new while otherwise occupied, and there are a million different genres to choose from. My favorites are centered around personal growth, business ideas, and general health and wellness.

1) Tony Robbins Podcast

My number one recommendation to listen to is the Tony Robbins podcast because he manages to feature some of the most interesting and influential guests across a variety of topics- everything from how to improve your biology through functional medicine with Dr. Mark Hyman, to how to repair a relationship with Dr. Esther Perel. There is ALWAYS something to learn on this Podcast and the caliber of guests is unmatched.

2) AFT Construction Podcast

Another favorite of both myself and Heather is the AFT Construction Podcast, which covers (you guessed it) the business of construction, design, and all related things. Even as industry peers, we always find something new to be learned here. If you are considering a remodel or a new construction project, this Podcast can help you understand what you are about to get into as well as a bit more about the process you are about to undertake. A must-listen for anyone about to embark on home improvement with a contractor or designer.

3) The Happiness Lab

A personal favorite (especially when I need an attitude adjustment) is The Happiness Lab, which is led by Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos and based on her wildly successful class (the most popular in Yale history) on the science of happiness. This will make you rethink how you think, in a good way. Positive and motivating messages are what it is all about for us. People often ask us how we accomplish everything we do between our kids and our families. I can promise you, attitude is everything!

What Are You Listening To? Let Us Know In The Comments Section - We're Always Adding New Content To Our Growing Podcast Library



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