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Transform Your Space: How Accessories Elevate Your Interior Design

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Harman cabinetry built in wet bar with floating shelves and modern bar lighting.

In the age of social media, when a client happens upon our work and reaches out to engage our firm, it is always because they are drawn to that signature HW ‘look’- clean lines, earthy neutrals, layers of rich textures, pops of natural greenery and curated organic accessories.


While most people want their home to look like one of our ‘turnkey’ projects that they saw on Instagram, they hardly ever understand the impact of the details- they can seem insignificant, but the finishing touches are what really make the space. We're breaking down the importance of design accessories and how they can elevate your home.

When we begin working with a new client, we always have the dreaded budget discussion upfront to convey how we are going to allocate their funds. We are always very transparent with the client on the importance of a healthy accessory budget in order to finish their home the way they are imagining it.  We always collect an accessories allowance upfront, because to us nothing feels more sad and incomplete than a room with a few great furniture pieces but not much else. 

Take our laundry room from our Lakehouse Retreat project, seen below before styling....

Custom white oak cabinets with matte black hardware and white washing machine.
Custom cabinetry with matte black hardware

And after styling- the layered accessories pull it all together.  

Luxury laundry room styled and accessorized with earthy organic decor
Lake House Retreat styled Luxury Laundry Room

We tend to approach accessorizing much like we do when dressing- a mix of highs and lows that work cohesively together the same way an inexpensive white t-shirt can look amazing with a great pair of jeans and killer heels.

Our luxurious black and white Chef's kitchen design in our Lake House Retreat project featured a black oak custom shiplap hood and marble backsplash with floating marble shelf. Here it is before adding our curated accessories and decor...

Black oak custom shiplap hood and marble backsplash with floating marble shelf
Luxury Lake House Retreat Kitchen with a black oak custom shiplap hood

And now here it is after styling. That integrated marble shelf is the perfect spot to highlight some useful yet aesthetic kitchen storage...

black oak custom shiplap hood and marble backsplash with floating marble shelf
Black Oak Custom Shiplap Hood and marble backsplash with styled floating shelves.

While we tend toward more natural organic elements in our spaces, the options are truly endless. A home with furniture pieces alone does not feel nearly as warm and curated as a home with great art, handmade artisan objects or that organic pop of green. Whether it is a perfectly styled shelf to make your home feel inviting, or a practical tray with coasters, books and candles on your coffee table, the difference is truly in the details.

Our Lake House Retreat black oak vertical shiplap and marble fireplace at the start of our accessory install (see how much we bring in to play with haha)...

Large pile of table accessories and floating shelf accessories on Install Day
Luxury Lake House Retreat formal living room with black oak vertical shiplap and marble fireplace.

Now here is our family room design after we have styled coffee tables, added custom pillows and art. The accessories make ALL the difference!

Cluster Coffee tables styling inspiration
Lake House Retreat living room with black oak vertical shiplap and marble fireplace


Our neutral, cozy guest bedroom design with bedside pendants and empty bedside tables before...

Bedroom pendants, oversized upholstered headboard, neutral color palette, bedside table
Neutral Cozy Guest Room with oversized headboard and pendants.

It is amazing how much more luxurious a bedroom can feel after we add art, custom bedding and accessorize the night stands.

bedside table accessories, throw blanket, bedroom bench, bedroom light fixture, neutral bedroom, hanging pendants, beige art, table styling
Luxury Lake House Retreat Cozy Guest Bedroom with styled nightstand

Once all the planning, construction and furniture install is finally complete, it is so gratifying to bring in those final accessories and see every space come to life. Never underestimate the power of great accessories! They don't have to be expensive to be impactful if styled properly. Check out our Youtube channel for more floating shelf inspiration and to get ideas on how to style your coffee tables and accessorize your nightstands to get that 'HW' look.

Learn more about design accessories and the part of The Design Process we call, "Christmas Morning"... Install Day!


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