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Repurpose this piece of holiday decor to make it a year-round staple

With the holidays right around the corner many of you are probably heading to your attic in search of your holiday decor bins. We're fans of twinkling lights, garland and all the things that make the holiday season sparkle, but did you know there’s one piece of decoration that could easily be turned into a year-round staple: a faux wreath.

I had the pleasure of chatting with TODAY and sharing my tips for a faux wreath to be on display for 365 days straight!

“Balsam Hill makes a really beautiful faux wreath and tree. Heather [Weisz, HW Interiors' other co-founder] and I use them in our homes and we’re both obviously very picky so that would be my favorite product,” Hynes said.

When you're trying to figure out the size of your wreath I always say - BIGGER is BETTER. You want 2-3" of the side of the door showing.

To maintain your wreath throughout the year you'll want to dust it and keep it clear of spider webs etc. I love using a Swiffer Duster to get into all the little sections easy. Every so often I'll lightly spray (not directly on the wreath, at least 8" away) an antibacterial spray (like Lysol) to keep it fresh.

If you're going to store your wreaths make sure to protect your investment - I love the Balsam Hill Wreath Storage Bag >> , you can also shop for one on Amazon. Make sure you choose the right dimensions for your wreath.

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