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Dark & Moody Vibes: How to Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

HW Interiors | South Florida

Most of our designs lean on the light and bright side, however we've been adding darker, richer and bolder accents to some of our projects and our clients are loving it!

It's always a fine balance delivering what our clients want and introducing them to new and exciting pieces that push their boundaries.

From lighting, bathroom fixtures and throw pillow you can introduce darker pieces into your space to help create a dramatic effect. Scared of committing? Start with some artwork, textiles or even an accent wall with a peel-in-stick wall paper in a dark charcoal color and see how that feels. For our Aero Club project we went full drama and created a textured wall, wallpapered ceiling and dark dining furniture. Contrasted against the white walls this creates a well intentioned space that still feels like and airy.

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