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An Artsake Curated Collection: Southern Charm With HW Interiors

We're so excited to collaborate with Artsake! From the moment we heard their mission statement we became more in love with the company, it's truly for the love of the art and people.

For the collection we curated we stepped outside of our box we feel the art is very accessible and the website is easy to use which makes curating your pieces easy and fun!

An Artsake Curated Collection | HW INTERIORS

"The Pink Bubbly was a no brainer for HW headquarters as we are known to have champagne Fridays around here! It spoke to us and made us smile which is everything!


Q: What does art do that furnishings can’t?

Lisa: Art can provoke emotions, make people feel a myriad of emotions and evoke a response and mood.

Heather: Art can be purposefully provocative and intentionally emotional.

Q: What’s a room or spot in the home that isn’t thought of as a home for hanging art… but should be?

Lisa: That would be the laundry room! We definitely want to incorporate art in mundane spaces — I mean if we have to do the necessary tasks and we know how our surroundings can affect our mood, then why shouldn’t those spaces be equally as beautiful!


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