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5 Small Changes To Fall In Love With Your Home Again

Happy 2022 everyone! We hope you had an amazing holiday season with your friends and family. The New Year is always an opportunity to start fresh and we believe there is nothing that starts a new chapter better than a little home refresh. Home is truly where the heart is, and more than anything, we want our spaces to bring our clients a sense of peace and calm.

Heather and I are essentially happy homemakers at heart. We both love to cook, clean and do laundry (we realize this makes us odd 😂) and find that we are most relaxed in a decluttered, purpose filled room. Here are 5 small changes you can make today to fall in love with your home again.

1) Mix It Up: We love natural elements, textiles, wooden objects, stone and pops of green. Don’t be afraid to use your favorite elements in places like your coffee table or a styled shelf. Remember to leave some empty space to allow the eye visual rest.


2) Transform your dull spaces into something you enjoy using: Think of the spaces in your home that are all function and no fun - like the laundry room. Re-envisioning a space like this makes all the difference in the world. We opted for glass vessels that hold everyday items like detergent to make this space feel inviting and warm. Open shelving while stylish is also functional for easy access to the items you need. Add color and texture with plants (faux or real- we won’t judge).

3) Art In An Unexpected Place: It’s time to take the photos on your camera roll and display them front and center with a gallery wall. We love the idea of personalizing a breakfast nook it makes the morning rush that more special. We opted for acrylic frames in a 4x4 pattern for added drama. When curating the photos for your wall remember that less is more but a common theme or subject matter helps tie everything together.

4) Make a boring wall POP: We love the major comeback that wallpaper is making. Committing to a style for some people can be scary. Our suggestion is create an accent wall or you can just add a touch of wall paper to the back of a bookcase for a subtle pop. Wallpaper has come a long way from Grandma’s dining room paper, and even removable options that offer little commitment.

5) Beautiful Packaging: One thing we love about luxe hotels is how the simple is suddenly elevated with beautiful products. Ditch your oversized shampoo and conditioner bottles for customized branded ones. You can design your own labels and choose your favorite vessels for a prettier powder room.



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