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Why Hiring an Interior Designer Can Save You Time and Money: Insights from Heather and Lisa

Why you should hire an interior designer? | HW Interiors | South Florida Based Interior Design

The process of embarking on a new design or renovation project can be completely overwhelming. We have the ability to help our clients organize their vision in a cohesive way. We believe the purpose of design is to enjoy the space you live in - we take the time to learn about our clients and our design plan and focus is completely built upon their vision.

It often happens that people will take on a renovation and construction project and quickly realize they're in over their heads. The process is a lot more detail-oriented than most people can imagine. We figure out all the intricacies of the project before we get started, from architecture, layout concept, construction and design - this leads to an organized project that's run smoothly from start to finish, and less money being spent (a win-win for our clients!)

The knowledge base and the relationships we have with our vendors make a huge difference. As designers, we have a broad knowledge of what materials and products work best - we are able to source innovative products that most of our clients wouldn't have access to.

"Helping people to not spend good money after bad." - Lisa Hynes


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