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The Flagler Pendant, Our Most Requested Pendant Light On Instagram

As you can imagine our DM's fill up with questions ranging from your own DIY projects (we love these please keep 'em coming!) to where can you purchase the products and finishes we use for our projects.

Sometimes we're pretty surprised at what catches your eye, but The Flagler Pendant makes total sense. We've used them on our Palm Beach Waterfront // #PartyOfSix project >> in brass and have also used it on our Dorado, Puerto Rico project in brushed nickel (which we'll be posting soon - see a preview below!).

These pendant lights make sense to us, our clients and we think they'll make sense for you is because the design is classic yet modern. In a space like a kitchen easy to clean is also something to consider, and we love that the glass pendant doesn't distract and allows more light to filter through.

Here are some tips you can use to create your Lighting Design Plan:

  • Start making a list of all the fixtures you need within your space.

  • Choose your metal finish.

  • Choose your general style and design direction, you want your fixtures to compliment the other hardware you've chosen throughout your home.

Shop The Flagler Pendant Here | FREE Shipping! >>


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