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Designer Spotlight: Our Q&A With Robern

"At the top of my personal wish list were Robern medicine cabinets. The sleek design is executed to perfection… I tell everyone they truly are the Rolls-Royces of medicine cabinets!” - - Heather Weisz

Principal Designer Heather Weisz cultivated her unique aesthetic while traveling the world with her husband, a professional polo player, before pursuing her passion at the Art Institute in Miami; while Director of Operations Lisa Hynes honed her meticulous organizational skills and business savvy during her prior career in management. The close friends realized the synergy of their skill sets while collaborating on the design of Lisa’s new home construction in 2015. HW Interiors was incorporated the following year, and the rest was history.

We spoke with Heather to learn how HW Interiors creates luxuriously comfortable retreats within the home — and why Robern is at the top of her wish list.


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