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2019: The Launch Of All New Things

Happy New Year! Here at HW Interiors, we have decided that 2019 is the year of the blog.

Something we haven’t done before, but we want to use this space to share ourselves and our

ideas with all of you, because let’s be honest, design is all about putting yourself out there. We

live and breathe construction and design on the daily, and have lots to say!

Hopefully you’ll find this blog and all upcoming entries helpful as we share with you what really matters to us; what design rules we follow, what we are currently obsessing over, what we have learned through lots of trial and error, and most importantly, our projects that we are so proud of.

On that note, welcome to our blog! We wanted to jump off with something we know a LOT

about, and that would be bathroom remodels. In 2018, HW Interiors designed and remodeled

no less than 11 bathrooms. Call it a crash course, but we learned it all this year. We made our

share of mistakes along the way, but by the time we placed the last Turkish hand towel, we felt

like we had it down to a science.

Bathrooms and kitchens are a lot alike in that it takes a lot of money to update them, and

whatever you do you need to love enough to be able to live with for a very long time. Most

people spend time culling ideas from Pinterest, fall in love with different elements from every

photo and then become paralyzed from an overabundance of inspiration. We live by the rule

that a bathroom should have one star- whether it be a stunning tile feature wall, gorgeous

floating vanity or show-stopping fixtures, a small space is easily overwhelmed by too many

good things.

One of the first things to think about when deciding whether or not you are ready to make the

leap financially into a bathroom remodel (any remodel, really) is to look at the functionality of

the current layout. Sometimes the existing layout makes no sense and the extra expense

incurred to move walls and plumbing is totally worth it, but sometimes you get lucky and

everything can stay right where it is.

The bathrooms we are featuring today are perfect examples of this - the footprint stayed the same but the design choices completely transformed each bathroom into unique, fresh spaces with gorgeous timeless palates.

Our client, #goodthingscomeinthrees, approached us to remodel all three bathrooms at their

Wellington farm while they were away for the summer. The house had undergone some

updating through the years, but the bathrooms were still the original 1980s special.

The house is pretty traditional, but our amazing (read: supremely trusting) client was willing to take a leap and let us do some things that were a little ‘risky’ to her. In the end she was so happy that she even wanted to carry the concrete floors from her cabana throughout her entire home (We

didn’t do that, but we are doing a full kitchen and flooring remodel on the rest of the house in

May so keep your eyes open for that… coming soon)!

We had three bathrooms to tackle, and we decided that we wanted to give each one their own

distinct feel while still carrying a clean, updated neutral pallet throughout. We also got a bit

lucky referring to my point above, because there were no major plumbing changes to be made

so this really became more about using amazing selections to give each bathroom its own

luxurious feel.

We started with the cabana bath, which had an existing tub/shower combo. We had already

decided that we would keep the tub in the master bath (it is always good to have at least one in

the house for resale), so we knew we could get rid of this tub and expand the shower as large

as possible. We used our favorite tile-inset linear drains to really bring the design up to date,

and selected some gorgeous marble herringbone tile for our feature wall. Beautiful chrome

fixtures, textured grasscloth and a custom floating vanity brought the design from dated and

cramped to modern, light and airy. We are a huge fan of floating vanities- no toe kicks that get

scuffed or icky, and drawers are always so much more practical than door front cabinets. We

are obsessed with the way they look in so many different finishes too- they aren’t just for the

uber contemporary client any more.

Our second guest bath had a horrible soffit that dropped so low you felt like you were in a cave

while taking a shower… that was obviously the first thing that had to go. Our wow factor in

this bathroom is this stunning feature wall that we ran the length of the entire wall behind the

vanity and into the shower. We’ve been equally obsessed with matte gold fixtures and wall

mounted faucets for awhile, and were lucky enough to have a client who was willing to step

outside her comfort zone and go for it with both at once. We absolutely cannot get enough of

these Brizo fixtures. They. Are. Amazing. We finished off with some great lighting, a textured

wood floating vanity and custom matched the shower door handle in the matte gold finish, and

voila… perfection.

We wanted to try to keep the master bathroom a bit more on the luxurious transitional side for

our clients since that really speaks to their style, and this is their daily use bathroom. Luckily

the layout was good, but we eliminated the linen closet in favor of adding the more

aesthetically pleasing (and practical ... Helloooo hidden electrical outlets!) storage towers to the

cabinetry design. We went with a classic white shaker cabinetry selection and carried that

shaker paneling over to the columns and tub facade to give the bathroom that beautiful

custom, finished look. Timeless white shaker vanities were the perfect backdrop for this

incredible marble tile, which has a lot of movement and deserves to be the star in its own right.

Never underestimate the value of clean-lined, modern chrome fixtures and hardware to elevate

any bathroom from ordinary to show-stopping, and as you can see here the difference truly is

in the details.

We love everything about how this renovation turned out and hope you did, too! We can’t wait

to share more of our projects with you through our blog. 2019 has so many good things in

store for us at HW Interiors and we can’t wait to take you along for the ride.


Heather & Lisa



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